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What Are The Long Term Effects Of Suboxone?

Suboxone is constituted of two substances: buprenorphine and naloxone. While the former substance has a ceiling effect against opioids, the latter tends to reverse the negative effects of opioids in the body. This drug is effectively used in rehab centers and makes overcoming drug addiction marginally easier. Suboxone is a drug that has been around since 2002, but like any other medication, it has its pros and cons. This blog explores a few long term effects that the drug might have. Continue reading to find out:

Prevents Opioid Dependency

It has a high success rate in opioid dependence and helps addicts overcome their addiction. When the cravings are reduced, or non-existent, addicts can consider other treatment methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, individual therapy and addiction counseling.

Reduces Opioid Tolerance

Suboxone works as an alternative that reduces opioid tolerance, so afterward, addicts might not find themselves cravig opioids. Reducing a person’s ability to tolerate or even crave an opioid is one of the long term side effects of Suboxone treatment.

Low Potential for Abuse

Suboxone has fairly low potential for drug abuse. It assists people in overcoming their drug addiction and restricts them from depending on their treatment once it’s complete.

Causes Pupil Constriction

This condition is called myopia and it causes pupils to contract. Suboxone must be taken under the guidance of an addiction doctor, as it also has some long term effects besides a few positive ones. However, myopia is a common medical condition that makes things appear blurry to a person, and isn’t necessarily linked with Suboxone.

Causes Neonatal Withdrawal

If Suboxone is taken by a pregnant woman, her baby is likely to have neonatal withdrawal from the combined effect of the drug and buprenorphine. While the drug is safe to use against drug abuse, experts advice that it shouldn’t be consumed while you’re expecting a baby. Early labor and NAS are some of the other risks that come with long term drug usage. Are you looking forward to changing your life? Are you ready to say goodbye to your drug abused past? Medical assistance is available at Maryland. M.D. Matt is a drug treatment center in Frederick that aims to help people battle drug addiction. Consult with our addiction doctors today and take a step towards recovery. To learn more details, click here.