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Till Death Do Us Part: How Addiction Can Destroy A Relationship

A healthy relationship is all about trust and love. However, when a partner slowly and gradually drifts from a healthy relationship, it’s a major red flag for the other partner. According to recent reports, 40 to 50% of married couples separate or divorce because of their partner’s drug addiction.      Drug addiction can be influenced by many factors, from medical prescriptions to financial situations to societal norms and friends or family influences. If you’re seeing a loved one slip into addiction, we understand that it may have brought a lot of stress and anxiety into your life. Doctors in White Marsh agree that it’s easy to lose interest and hope when living with a person with substance use disorder. Take a look at this guide to understand the negative impacts of drug addiction on relationships.

What Is Addiction?

How Does Addiction Affect Your Interpersonal Relationships?

Drug and substance addiction can weaken the foundation of a healthy relationship. The following are some evident ways addiction can destroy a relationship:

1. Dishonesty Destroys A Relationship

People with substance use disorders may fear being judged by others, especially their partners. Therefore, they may try their best to hide this addiction from their partners. However, this lying strategy can lead to complete isolation from friends and family, eventually creating major cracks in any relationship.

2. Abusive Nature Can Lead To Divorce

Rage episodes are a common aftereffect of drug use. Several studies have highlighted that people with substance use disorders struggle to control their emotions. This may lead to domestic violence. People with substance use disorder may also distance themselves from their partners if they try to intervene.

3. Lack Of Interest/Support

A bond without communication, compassion, and trust isn’t a relationship; it’s a compromise.   People with substance use disorders often ignore the world and the people around them. This issue can often destroy a healthy relationship. Spending time with your friends and family is crucial to staying healthy and happy. However, you should avoid hanging out with people who might be into alcohol or substance use.

Want To Help Your Partner With Drug Addiction? We Can Help You

Are you a concerned partner looking for a drug treatment center in Maryland? At Maryland Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology (MD M.A.T.T), we understand the struggles of drug use. Therefore, we provide affordable substance use treatments and therapies in White Marsh. Our doctors, specializing in suboxone treatment, monitor patients around the clock. Get in touch with our professional doctors to schedule an appointment.