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How To Stay Motivated in Sobriety

According to statistics, addiction rehabilitation has a recurrence rate of 40–60%. Motivation is essential to rehabilitation because it explains why we do what we do. There are often strong levels of motivation and goals to stay sober in the early stages of recovery. As an addiction rehab center in Maryland, we understand that it’s possible that as time goes on, people’s desire to remain sober may diminish for different reasons. Life may get too hectic, a job has gotten in the way, you don’t have anything to look forward to or don’t have the motivation to do anything, and things don’t seem as much fun now that you’re sober. So, how can you keep yourself motivated when going through a healing process? These suggestions by our Medicaid suboxone doctors could assist you:

Don’t Forget About Your “Why”

Why did you decide to stop? Why did you decide to change your life? Why did you make the tough but necessary decision to get your life back on track? When you wake up every day feeling like you can’t handle it any longer, remember that these questions got you motivated in the first place.

Set Some Goals

The more time you spend sitting about the house, the more likely you are to become tired and depressed. Setting short-term and long-term goals is a terrific strategy to stay motivated and keep yourself occupied. It is important to set objectives and checkpoints to keep yourself on track, feel accomplished, and advance towards a goal.

Prioritize Self-Care

Spend at least 30 minutes a day doing something you like just for you, for your enjoyment. Hectic work, relationships, meetings, and other commitments may make it easy to lose sight of what matters in life. We may feel overwhelmed and frustrated if we don’t balance our lives and do activities we like. Reading, writing, meditating, or listening to music are all good ways to unwind. If you’ve always wanted to try something new, like cooking, drawing, or playing an instrument, now is the time to start.

Connect With Others

Our suboxone doctors in Frederick suggest a great method to keep you motivated in your recovery process—finding individuals who are going through the same thing as you and connecting with them. Listen to their stories, tell them about yours, and get through this together. There are many ways to connect with people in recovery today: Traditional NA/AA gatherings, online meetings, and virtual networks. Choose what you’re most comfortable with.If you wish to get in contact with the Medicaid suboxone doctors in Frederick, Maryland, reach out to us at MD M.A.T.T. We empower patients through technology, therapy, and medication. Book an appointment at our suboxone clinic in Frederick, Maryland, today!