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Finding the Line Between Guilt and Responsibility

The stigma attached to drug-alcohol addiction is the primary obstacle for substance abusers seeking treatment. Addiction to illegal drugs has been ranked as the most stigmatized health problem worldwide, with alcohol dependence ranked fourth most stigmatized. The impact of stigma is so strong that it can affect one’s self-esteem, arouse feelings of guilt and shame, and even become a barrier for individuals seeking drug addiction treatment. Fear of being bullied, harassed, or shamed can push people towards severe depression rather than taking responsibility to recover. Addiction recovery is not only hard to initiate but also very hard to maintain. Addicts go through a lot of pain, and their self-control is challenged. They don’t have the kind of energy to ‘just stop.’ This is why seeking immediate medical assistance, such as finding the right addiction treatment program and staying committed to the healing journey, are crucial to recovery. Here is how you can take responsibility for your addiction and help yourself recover.

Understand How Your Brain Works

Addictive substances hack the brain’s natural reward system and manipulate users into thinking that the drug is vital for their survival. Many substances, such as opiates, also have a risk of dependence, they change the brain’s chemistry, so the addict needs the drug to feel like things are normal. When a patient is going through withdrawal from such drugs, they feel the opposite of the drug’s original effects. These withdrawal symptoms and the pain-avoiding behavior are an even stronger motive to take the drug than the pleasure-seeking behavior of addiction. So before you think the same, remember you don’t need drugs to cope with grief or loss. And there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Avoid Negative Feelings

If you’ve relapsed, accept it and learn to forgive yourself. It is okay to start again and take it one step at a time. Dealing with alienating emotions is very strenuous on the mind of a recovering addict. In this time, all they need is love, support, and understanding.

Get Professional Help

Addiction is a disorder of the brain. Like any disorder, only a medical professional can suggest the best treatment options. Do not think that you are alone on your path to recovery. Receive the right treatment and support from most professional addiction doctors in Maryland. MD M.A.T.T offers drug addiction treatment at the most affordable rates. We also help patients recover from opioid, alcohol, and heroin addiction. Book your appointment now.