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Can Your Social Network Help You Recover From Addiction Faster?

About 10 percent of Americans have at least one kind of drug addiction. When a person suffers from addiction, the effects aren’t limited to just them. It affects their entire social network, including their family and friends. But, just as they’re affected by it, we also believe this social network is essential during the person’s recovery through suboxone treatment.

Importance of Social Network for Recovery

From Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings to inpatient programs, your social network plays the most crucial role when it comes to addiction therapy. While suboxone doctors treat addiction with heroin addiction medication treatment, lifestyle adjustments, and individual counseling, they often emphasize group sessions, family counseling, and social bonding exercises. They believe these interactions are vital when a person wants to get back to a normal life. Some of the key reasons why social interaction is so essential for addiction rehabilitation are listed below:

Helps in Sharing Stress

Stress is often cited as the leading cause for cravings by those in recovery from addiction.  The thoughts of being overwhelmed, powerless, or useless make you wish you could flee the situation with an easy way out. You don’t think you’ll be able to handle it, so you may as well turn to alcohol and drugs. Stress and mental illness are at their worst when a person has to cave in and deal with them on their own. A person has more resources to tackle these challenges when more socially engaged.

It’s a Basic Need

Just as air, food, and water are important for a person to suffice, social connections and interactions are important to remain sane. Not having these connections forms a void in our lives which is often filled by stress and thoughts of being worthless. The chats you have with people and your social circle are good for your mental development and make you feel that you belong to a community.

It Improves Your Health

Social interaction is beneficial not only to your mental well-being but also to your overall fitness. Chronic loneliness has been related to several health issues, including cardiac diseases, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. All of these are typical side effects of drug abuse. In other words, if you’re in recovery and you’re always lonely, you’re not only fighting an uphill struggle of sobriety, but you’re also increasing your health risks.

It Keeps You Focused

A healthy and sober network helps you stay focused on your recovery. There can be several highs and lows in rehab.  You may feel incredibly driven and encouraged at times, and at other times, even the simplest component of your rehabilitation plan may seem like an impossible challenge. A  group can help with distractions and support you to stay motivated to the cause.MD MATT is one of the most reputable suboxone detox centers in Maryland that has the services of qualified suboxone doctors to provide compassionate and clinically tested medical assistance for addicts. They also provide therapy sessions for the person under treatment and for the whole family to overcome the addiction. Want to learn more? Contact us at 1-443-559-4137 and get in touch with a professional.