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12-Step Program: Ready, Set, Work It!

Whatever you consume, it has a specific effect on your body. When people consume drugs, their chemical composites affect their body and mind; overusing them or misusing a drug causes severe damage. You can help your friend with their addiction by recommending the 12-year program.    However, most people don’t know much about this program. This blog will help you in your quest to help your close one battle addiction. Take a look at this guide to learn more about the 12-step program.

1. Honesty

The first step of this program is to accept your flaws and tell your loved ones about your addiction. Yes, telling the whole family at once may be challenging, so try to have a one-on-one meeting with each member separately.

2. Faith

Another important step is never to stop believing in yourself. Faith can do wonders; as Archimedes said, give me a lever, and I will move the world. Have faith that you can fight your drug use disorder and embrace sobriety.

3. Surrender

The third step is to surrender your will to God. Believe that God will help you in your sobriety journey. This practice will help you build a stronger relationship with your religion and God.

4. Soul-Searching

The next step is to relax your mind and think about your actions, ideas, beliefs, feelings, and emotions. You can go on nature walks to meditate and find inner peace.

5. Integrity

This step is to accept your wrongdoings and flaws in front of God or your closest person. This will help you feel less burdened.

6. Acceptance

A person needs to accept their condition and find new ways to overcome the issue.

7. Humility

Humility refers to sincerity, lack of pride, and a selfless view of your importance. According to AA, those who struggle with addiction often lack modesty, making it even harder to admit their errors, inadequacies, and the need for rehabilitation. Therefore, it’s important to have a sense of humility.

8. Willingness

Motivation is key to achieving a goal. The sobriety journey can be challenging for most people, but you can achieve your goal with motivation and willpower.

9. Forgiveness

Addiction can have a major impact on your personal and professional relationships. Apologizing can be difficult for some people, but for those who are committed to their recovery, it can be an excellent way to rebuild your relationships.

10. Maintenance

It’s important to focus on your physical and mental health to embrace sobriety fully.

11. Making Contact

A person trying to recover from any addiction should try to connect to God via prayer and meditation.

12. Service  

The last step is to help others with this program.

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